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GEAR – Top Ten List- Bachelor Party in the Woods

I few months back I was tapped to be a groomsman in the wedding of a dear friend and true Foreverist. He is also a man of distinguished taste and refinement so I knew it was going to be one for the record books. When the conversation commenced about where the celebratory weekend should take place  the usual bachelor party suggestions were made. He made it clear that he wanted his bachelor party to involve fishing, drinking whiskey and being in the woods with a company of his closest mates. While the rain may have kept the group from fishing, the libations and camaraderie were never at a shortage.


Here’s the bachelor survival kit I brought with me for your consideration.


  1. Scotch. For me a nice Speyside variety. I’m loving Shieldaig. It’s reasonably priced and I would put it up against many scotches of considerably greater cost.
  2. Some
    cigars. I don’t consider myself an connoisseur in this arena. Ijust know I don’t want anything too bold and that I plan to enjoy it with some single malt. I guess what I’m trying to say is go someplace reputable and ask an expert.
  3. Herny Ford once said “Chop your own wood and it warm you twice.” This is a camp axe from Marbles Camp Axe. It features an American Hickory handle and hand frogs head using
  4. I’m very much a nocive in the art of fly fishing but I’m giving it s solid try. This is a Cabelas Prestige outfit. It gets the job done and seems to be well reviewed.
  5. Not sure who makes this but I love the classic design and timeless functionality.
  6. I NEVER and I mean NEVER go anywhere without my Case canoe pocket knife. I will likely be writing an entire post dedicated to this little companion on mine in the future.
  7. A trusty ol’ compass. Some folks are born with a natural sense of direction. I myself am
  8. A trusty pigskin. The brand isn’t as important as the time spent sharing a simple catch with your fellow man. Always in my truck…. you know, just in case.
  9. A deck of cards. I’m not much of a card player myself but it’s usually something that’s in my dop kit at all times. One never knows when the power will go out, or you get rained-in on a hiking trip for an afternoon.
  10. Trusty flannel shirt. When in the mountains it’s a must-have. Warmth is key here. Find something thick and well made.




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